All The Pretty Little Horses

In the wake of a disaster, Alice and Petros take their young son to a provincial seaside town, seeking refuge. They try to put their lives back together, but their plan doesn’t seem to be working out.

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Aliki and Petros move from Athens to the Greek country to escape a disaster, and figure how to get their lives back. Meanwhile, they start working for the rich and free-spirited Anna. They try to adapt to the new situation, but are not equally good at that. Petros seems to embrace their new life without hesitation, but Aliki can't get used to their different circumstances. Relational tensions run high while the couple spends more and more time at the villa. When Aliki and Petros decide to invite another couple to dinner and pretend the villa actually is theirs, the story takes an unexpected turn.

Michalis Konstantatos, Greece, 2020, 107 min. Greek spoken, Dutch subtitles.
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