Voyage Of Time: Life's Journey

The debut documentary from visionary filmmaker Terrence Malick (The New World, The Tree of Life) chronicles nothing less than the history of the universe.

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Few American auteurs have managed to construct as singular a filmic universe as Terrence Malick. His is a world of hushed whispers and natural wonder, a cinema of poetry. And now Malick has finally delivered his years-in-the-making ode to the wonder of creation. The director leads us on a temporal trip through the history of the universe. After witnessing the birth of stars and the evolution of life on Earth, we pause to wonder at the sun and planets before plunging into the inky depths of the oceans, where incandescent creatures float in the darkness. Featuring narration by Cate Blanchett, the film brings a contemplative and speculative tone to the grandeur of its subject; it sprawls across the screen with glorious images both real and fabricated, both earthbound and celestial.

Terrence Malick, France, Germany, USA, 2016, 93 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles.