Tragicomic drama about a music journalist who takes her father, a Holocaust survivor, to Poland. The purpose of the trip turns out to be quite different for the two.

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American music journalist Ruth takes her father Edek, a Holocaust survivor, on a father-daughter road trip to his native Poland. As Ruth hopes to gain insight into their family’s past, the charming bon vivant Edek has plans of his own. Their generation gap and the culture clash they experience in nineties post-communist Poland show that even in misunderstanding one can find love.

TREASURE was directed by Julia von Heinz and is based on the international bestseller TOO MANY MEN by New York writer Lily Brett. Lena Dunham, known from the series GIRLS, takes on the role of the neurotic Ruth, while Stephen Fry – the well-known writer, thinker and comedian – plays the role of father Edek.

Julia von Heinz, Germany, France, 2024, 113 min. English & Polish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Stephen Fry, Lena Dunham.