Homo Ludens

Studium Generale (Maastricht University) presents a short documentary and a lecture on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Homo Ludens, the famous book by the Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga, in which he suggests that play is a necessary condition of human culture.

Time & Tickets

Homo Ludens
Sanne Rovers, Netherlands 2018, 27 min., Dutch language, English subtitles.

Dressing up as a Viking for the weekend or racing through mud pools: some people lose themselves in these games while others find it a curious way of passing time. In HOMO LUDENS you will meet these dare devils, free spirits and hobbyists. What drives the playing human?

All Work and No Play: Understanding the Playful Brain (lecture, language: English)
by Prof. dr. Louk Vanderschuren, Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience (Utrecht University)

The young of many mammalian species, including humans, display a characteristic form of social interaction known as social play behaviour. Social play is rewarding and important for brain development. Professor Vanderschuren will discuss the brain mechanisms underlying play behaviour, and its role in social, emotional and cognitive development.

Studium Generale is part of Maastricht University and offers a programme of lectures, debates and lecture series (accessible to a general public).

Sanne Rovers, Netherlands, 27 min. Dutch spoken, English subtitles.