Sidik and the Panther

Sidik And The Panther follows one man, Sidik Barzani, and the dedication he pours into his attempt to find a Persian panther in the genocide-scarred mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan.

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In the breathtakingly beautiful mountains, Sidik sets out to find a panther that has not been seen in the area for twenty-five years. He hopes that by finding the panther the area will be designated as a national reserve, which would put an end to wars and conflicts. Equipped with a pair of binoculars and several cameras, Sidik walks through the mountains where his father and grandfather set foot before him. His search is merely interrupted by passers-by crossing his path. As he passes through stunning landscapes Sidik continues his relentless search. To him, finding the panther symbolises life, reincarnation and the hope for peace.
Atmospheric shots of the wilderness vividly capture Sidik’s love of the region. A beautiful and inspiring visual ode to perseverance and peaceful patriotism.

Assem Dandashly, assistant professor at the Department of Political Science at UM, will introduce the documentary (language: English).

Reber Dosky, Netherlands, 2019, 83 min. Kurdish spoken, Dutch subtitles.