New Dutch Dance Shorts (in collaboration with Cinedans)

Also this year, the Nederlandse Dansdagen presents a selection (75 min.) of the best short dance films of the past year. In collaboration with Cinedans and Lumière.

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The following films are shown in this compilation program:

At Driesenerstraße, Berlin – Carlos Vásquez & Marjolein Vogels (2019)
The cameraman and dancer move around the seamstress like inconspicuous intruders.

GAKA – Tomoko Mukaiyama (2020)
In this film adaptation of GAKA, Tomoko Mukaiyama translates the almost tangible energy of the performance into a cinematic experience.

Closer – Heidi Vierthaler & Alessio Reedijk (2020)
A dance film about trying to make a connection, even when you are not together.

EXHALE - Moniek van der Kallen
Breathing out evokes reflection, letting go of anger and feelings of powerlessness. And eventually regain confidence in your own instincts and body. With Exhale, Van der Kallen completes her 'EX-trilogy', after Explore (2010) and Expose (2015).

Dark Matter - Clones – Andrea Casetti, Cherish Menzo & Christian Yav (2020)
In an abandoned industrial location, a scream is expressed in the movements of two dancers.

Saudade – Jonathan Bleeker & Diego Oliveira (2020)
A Brazilian immigrant tells how he copes with his approaching fatherhood and view of identity.

2m² – Antonin Comestaz (2021)
A dance film about the childlike creative power to imagine spaces, even when you are locked up.

Constraint Iterations 01 – Mike Pellentier (2019)
As part of a series, Pellentier made this animation film full of colourful figures.

, Netherlands, 2021, 75 min. , without subtitles.