Mulholland Drive

Set in contemporary Hollywood, this film noir/thriller features David Lynch walking the tortuous path between dream and reality in his typical manner.

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Betty, a young, blonde woman from a rural area arrives in Hollywood, dreaming of a career as an actress. She meets a mysterious brunette who lost her memory in a car accident on Mulholland Drive. Their quest for the identity of the brunette becomes an erotic journey through Los Angeles, full of suspense and atmosphere, culminating in a bizarre finale where dream and reality begin to blur and characters change their identity, by the music of composer Angelo Badalamenti.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE was initially planned as a television series, but TV channel ABC’s management decided to pull the plug after seeing the pilot episode. Too bizarre, was their verdict. Thanks to French film producers, Lynch could still edit his material into a feature film that was awarded the prize for best director during the Festival de Cannes.

Lumière screens a new, digitally restored version of the film.

David Lynch, France, USA, 145 min. English & Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles.