Mitra - English subtitled

Political thriller about a mother who – 37 years after her daughter Mitra was executed in Iran – thinks she has found her daughter’s traitor.

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Haleh leads a successful life as a renowned academic in the Netherlands. Her peaceful existence is shaken by the arrival of a woman she believes may be the traitor responsible for Mitra’s death. But the woman, now herself a loving mother and newly arrived to the Netherlands, does not seem to recognize Haleh and takes comfort in her company. As Haleh finds herself growing closer to the woman and her daughter, she is torn between doubt and revenge.

Kaweh Modiri, Denemark, Germany, Netherlands, 2021, 106 min. Farsi spoken, English subtitles. With Jasmin Tabatabai, Mohsen Namjoo, Shabnam Tolouei, Avin Manshadi.
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