Lumière x Video Power: Maastricht Meets Short Films

Lumière and Video Power are back with their fourth edition of 'Maastricht Meets Short Films'. We present five films from young makers with a connection to the region, including Q&A’s. This is your chance to get to know filmmakers and the local film scene: from fiction to documentary to experimental films.

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The films are programmed around the themes of identity, memory and introspection. We start with ORDINARY THINGS (THAT HAPPENED IN THE CHILDHOOD HOME OF THE MAKER OF THIS FILM) by Rachel Gruijters. Here the reliability of memory is being questioned when, set within the highly constructed world of Old Hollywood, the filmmaker recalls memories of her childhood home. In JAGATA by Daniel Jacoby, we follow a man with an inexplicable bond to a potato somewhere in the middle of Hokkaido. This is followed by an experimental film in which the main character receives unsolicited advice from a life coach. In a short animation we see a mouse reciting injected childhood memories while being torn between being a mouse and being a human. We end the program with a poetic essay film in which the filmmaker wrestles with questions of belonging, using intimate family footage, folk tales, and archives of the Korean War.

This event is a collaboration between Lumière and Video Power. Video Power is an artist-run filmmaking platform based in Maastricht. As creative producers, they help filmmakers connect the dots and fill gaps where needed. By sharing their experiences, they aim to contribute to a momentous film community in Maastricht and beyond.

, 2019, 115 min. , English subtitles.