Krazy House

Boisterous, wacky cult comedy about an adorable Christian family being raided by a bloodthirsty Russian and his two teenage sons. What starts out as a 1990s sitcom ends up as gory horror.

Please note that this film is in English and Russian, with Dutch subtitles. Although there is some Russian dialogue, the film can still be watched and and enjoyed by an English-speaking audience.
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In their English-language debut, Dutch directing duo Steffen Haars and Flip van der Kuil (NEW KIDS) spare no one, unleashing a deliriously fucked-up ode to the sanctity of family that consistently outdoes itself. Taking a studio audience-approved world and nuking it from the inside, Haars and van der Kuil bless us with their demented sense of humour and depravity. Nick Frost embodies Bernie Christian with zest, doing justice to his last name as a meek, devout head of household who’s suddenly forced into a bloodcurdling, jaw-dropping crusade when his spiritual foundations fail; Alicia Silverstone matches his madness as his gleefully mischievous wife. Miraculous in its very existence and gloriously unhinged, KRAZY HOUSE begs to be seen to be believed. (source: Sundance Film Festival)

Steffen Haars, Netherlands, 2024, 86 min. English & Russian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Alicia Silverstone, Nick Frost, Gaite Jansen, Kevin Connolly, Jan Bijvoet, Wail Klink.