Kleine All

Exciting and funny animation film about a lonely boy who seeks contact with UFOs and is then joined by a green girl from space.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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During an otherwise lonely summer vacation, introverted eleven-year-old Little Allan is talked into acting as a human antenna for his old UFO-obsessed neighbour, who thinks a huge invasion fleet from outer space is on its way. But what they find is not exactly a huge invasion fleet. When the rickety antenna construction collapses, Little Allan is only barely saved by the alien girl Britney, who is doing a school project about the primitive human race. Now Little Allan has to help her get home, while she becomes fascinated with this tiny example of the human species: Why does this boy keep saying that he is fine, even though his parents just got divorced, and he’s clearly not? Is that how all humans work?

, Denemark, 2022, 85 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.