Keep An Eye

In this compilation programme we bundle a set of graduation projects by students of the Dutch Film Academy 2021.

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The films (A-Z):

Alleen Vliegen
Noen Brouwer, Netherlands 2021, 24 min., Dutch language, English subtitles
When a tense Lily returns to her childhood home, that must be emptied for a nearing sale, she fails to confront her father about what is on her mind.

Lotte Salomons, Netherlands 2021, 25 min., Dutch language, English subtitles.
BELLUM is about how war trauma still grips the lives of three generations today. In an artificial hiding room, we see a Jewish family breaking the silence by finally starting the conversation about the suppression and passing on of war trauma. As such, we explore how trauma is passed from parent to child. Do later generations manage to break free from a traumatic experience that was passed on to them?

Faydim Ramshe, Netherlands 2021, 2 min.
Kimiko (9) travels by train from her village to the city to live with her mother for the first time. Kimiko is confused by a train advertisement about masks. Confusion grows when she learns that the woman opening the door is also hiding her face behind a mask.

Ursa Major
Stijn Sanders, Netherlands 2021, 3 min., English language.
A polar bear dreams of playing the piano. When he passes the concert hall on an easy evening stroll, he hears some music coming from inside the hall. He looks through the window. A professional pianist is playing a Steinway! He decides to go in and give it a go himself. Then he gets detected. The wander is angry with the bear for breaking in, but then he hears him play..

Lotte Salomons, Netherlands 2021, 4 min.
VERLANGEN is a painted animation that tells the story of a parent-child relationship in which an ever-increasing distance develops. Father Toon (34) is bottling up all his grief because his wife has gone missing. He wants to stay positive for his son Chris (10). Yet on the inside he’s crying. The distance between father and son is increasing.

Shriejan Paudel, Netherlands 2021, 24 min., Dutch language, English subtitles
Nina (26) and her friends have gone viral with a music video. They are getting ready for their big TV debut. When it turns out they were brought to the broadcast under false pretences, Nina is faced with a choice: should she go for her career, or should she take this unique opportunity to make a statement as an underrepresented black filmmaker?

Faydim Ramshe, Netherlands 2021, 25 min., Farsi, Dutch language, English subtitles.
While Faydim Ramshe struggles with feelings of homesickness and loss to her native Iran thirteen years after her emigration to the Netherlands, her nine year younger brother asks her to help him prepare for his immigration to the Netherlands. This prompts Faydim to reconsider her own choices.

diverse, Netherlands, 2021, 90 min. , Dutch subtitles.