Jane by Charlotte

Loving portrait of singer/actress Jane Birkin by her daughter Charlotte, with intimate mother-daughter conversations about getting older, fame and husband/father Serge.

Please note that this film is in French and English, with Dutch subtitles.
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With JANE BY CHARLOTTE, French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg (ANTICHRIST, MELANCHOLIA) makes her debut as a director. The personal yet poetic documentary is largely made up of a series of conversations about life, art and love. In the process, Charlotte does not hesitate to ask her mother uncomfortable questions, for instance about her stormy relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, with whom she sang the controversial but popular hit JE T'AIME... MOI NON PLUS.

To live is to create and to create is to live: you understand where Charlotte Gainsbourg’s creative drive comes from when she is in the company of her charismatic mother.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, France, UK, Japan, 2021, 89 min. French & English spoken, Dutch subtitles.