House of Hummingbird

Set in 1994 in Seoul, House Of Hummingbird is a touching coming-of-age drama centred around the quiet, unexceptional eighth-grader Eun-hee.

Please note that this film is in Korean, with Dutch subtitles.
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We’ve all had to deal with the unbearable loneliness of adolescence, and Bora Kim’s debut feature addresses this through one of the sincerest coming-of-age stories in recent memory. Set in 1994 Seoul, the film follows 14-year-old Eun-hee as she faces the trials and tribulations of growing up and finding her identity. With middle-school heartbreak, a new cram-school professor, and a complicated family life, Eun-hee endures it all alone – with lots of angst and tears. The film places great emphasis on the simple details of daily life and the small intricacies of Eun-hee’s relationships. With a hazy, nostalgic feel, HOUSE OF HUMMINGBIRD will throw you back into your childhood, with the all-too-familiar themes of growing pains and seclusion. Kim beautifully tells the story in a way where you feel you’re part of Eun-hee’s life, going on a journey of self- discovery with her. (source:

Bora Kim, South Korea, 2020, 138 min. Korean spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Ji-Hu Park, Sae-Byuk Kim, Seung-Yeon Lee, In-Gi Jeong, Su-Yeon Park.
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