Here - English subtitled

A Romanian construction worker in Brussels returns to his homeland, but first visits friends and acquaintances with a pan of soup. An intimate, poetic ode to the invisible inhabitants of the Belgian capital.

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The summer holidays are approaching and Stefan, a Romanian construction worker in Brussels, is preparing to return home. Before leaving, he makes soup from the leftover vegetables in his fridge, which he passes in storage containers to those he likes. By chance, his path crosses with that of Belgian-Chinese Shuxiu, a PhD student in the field of mosses and lichens. Despite their vast differences, we see how Stefan and Shuxiu slowly get closer to each other.

With HERE, Devos draws our attention to small things with great beauty and finding magic where you don't expect it. The director uses moss, a plant species we rarely really notice, as a symbol for people who lead an invisible existence. The film’s message is reinforced by cameraman Grimm Vandekerckhove’s aesthetic images and Boris Debackere’s sound design, which bring to life the microscopic splendour of nature. (rs)

Bas Devos, Belgium, 2023, 84 min. French, Romanian, Chinese & Dutch spoken, English subtitles. With Stefan Gota, Liyo Gong, Teodor Corban, ShuHuan Wang.