Gewoon Super! (6+)

Children’s film about an 11-year-old game lover whose life is turned upside down when she has to replace her father as the town’s superhero.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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It’s quite a task for Hedvig. At first glance she does not seem like a superhero at all: she is small, a bit clumsy and not athletic. Her father, on the other hand, is big and strong and the town’s favourite superhero. Soon Hedvig’s father realises that perhaps he should choose another successor. Someone like Adrian, Hedvig’s athletic nephew. Disappointed, Hedvig goes to visit her grandmother, who used to be a superhero herself. The tough grandmother sees potential for Hedvig. Together, they form an incredibly strong team and Hedvig proves that you can be super even without superpowers.

Rasmus A. Sivertsen & Jean-Luc Julien, Norway, 2022, 76 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.