Gedraag Ow (+ Q&A)

How do you deal with the death of your best friend through senseless violence? The gripping documentary Gedraag Ow dives deep into the story of everybody’s friend Guus Janssen, who was stabbed to death during Carnival 2022 in Horst.

Please note that this documentary is in Dutch and local dialect, with Dutch subtitles.
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A heart-breaking story it is. The trigger for the fatal stabbing was a jokey remark made by a friend of Guus. Thereupon, a boy later sentenced to two years in prison pulled out a knife and stabbed Guus. Senseless violence, with irreversible consequences, the judge ruled.

The documentary features Guus Janssen’s family and friends. His friends were closely involved in the making of this documentary, which was crowdfunded. ‘We hope to reach the widest possible audience with this documentary to show them what the loss of Guus did to us and to bystanders,’ says Joep Derix, one of Guus’s friends who collaborated on the documentary.

Ruud Lenssen, Sten Hoeijmakers, Netherlands, 2024, 60 min. Dutch & Limburgish (local dialect) spoken, Dutch subtitles.