Daisies + introduction and discussion - English subtitled

One of the most remarkable films of the subversive 1960s, Vera Chytilová’s absurdist farce follows the misadventures of two brash young women. Digitally restored Czech classic.

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A satirical, wild and irreverent story of rebellion, Vera Chytilová’s classic of surrealist cinema is also the most adventurous and anarchic Czech movie of the 1960s. Two young women, both named Marie, revolt against a degenerate, decayed and oppressive society, attacking symbols of wealth and bourgeois culture. Believing the world to be ‘spoiled’, they embark on a series of pranks in which nothing – food, clothes, men, war – is taken seriously.

Defiant feminist statement? Nihilistic, avant-garde comedy? DAISIES remains a cinematic enigma and its influence is still felt today.

This screening is part of a collaboration between Lumière and United World College Maastricht. The series presents a tour of some seminal films that have shaped world cinema in the last century, from dark German alleyways, to intense psychological journeys, film noir to the poetic brilliance of subtlety. Apart from an opportunity to enjoy these great works again, we invite you to conduct a deeper analysis of the medium. Each film will start with a 10 minute introduction and will end with 30 minute guided discussion facilitated by a variety of stakeholders - experts, film students, teachers, professionals .

Time schedule:
18.45 - Doors open
19.00 - Start introduction
19.15 - Start film
20.30 - Start discussion
21.00 - End of programme

Vera Chytilová, Czech Republic, 1966, 74 min. Czech spoken, English subtitles. With Ivana Karbanová, Jitka Cerhová, Marie Cesková, Jirina Myskova, Marcela Brezinová.
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