Brazilian thriller with subdued black humour about a family who are offered to replace the bedridden grandfather with a very special kind of tenant.

Please note that this film is in Portuguese and Spanish, with Dutch subtitles.
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Brazil, 2022. In a remote area in São Paulo’s countryside, a rural family who lives beside a charcoal factory accepts a proposal to host a mysterious foreign guest. The home soon becomes a hideout as the so-called guest happens to be a highly wanted drug lord. The mother, her husband and child will have to learn how to share the same roof with this stranger, whilst keeping up appearances of an unchanged peasant routine.

CHARCOAL is a successful effort in exploring internal (personal) and external conflicts and circumstances in which violence, religion and hypocrisy are perpetuated by traditions and political dogma. A successful feature debut from Markowicz following her acclaimed 2018 short film THE ORPHAN.

Carolina Markowicz, Argentina, Brasil, 2023, 107 min. Portuguese & Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Maeve Jinkings, César Bordón, Jean Costa, Camila Márdila, Romulo Braga.