Before Sunset - Linklater in focus

In the second part of Richard Linklater’s Before film cycle, Jesse and Celine are nine years older, and their dreams have been shattered by the compromises of adulthood.

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Director Richard Linklater came up with the wonderful idea of reuniting the main characters from his film BEFORE SUNRISE (1995) nine years later. Jesse is in Paris for the promotion of his new novel. His book is inspired by his romantic encounter with Celine nine years earlier. After Jesse’s book launch, Céline is waiting for him. They reminisce about their earlier encounter and muse on what it might have been like had they stayed together. (ms)

To mark the release of HIT MAN, we're presenting some highlights from Richard Linklater's body of work under the banner Linklater in Focus: DAZED AND CONFUSED, the BEFORE trilogy, and BOYHOOD. This is a unique opportunity to (re)discover these classics on the big screen.

Richard Linklater, USA, 2004, 80 min. English spoken, without subtitles.