Before Sunrise

American aspiring writer Jesse and French student Celine meet on a European train and decide to spend a night together in Vienna. First part of the classic Before film series.

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An encounter between two people. That’s really all it is, but Richard Linklater proves that you can make a wonderful romantic film out of such a basic idea. In BEFORE SUNRISE, Jesse and Celine meet for the first time. He is an American tourist on his way to Vienna for his return flight. She happens to be on the same train. They click and spend a night walking together through Vienna, strolling from one tourist attraction to another. Along the way, they talk about their dreams, love, worries and hopes for the future. By dawn, they say goodbye to each other, madly in love, but without exchanging addresses. (mv)

Richard Linklater, USA, Austria, 1995, 101 min. English spoken, without subtitles. With Ethan Hawke, Julie Deply.