Filmblik Workshop: Work on your acting skills (11-12 years old)

Discover your inner movie star and learn to act in the Filmblik workshop during the May holiday!

Time & Tickets

During Filmblik you can participate in the workshop at Lumière: Acting you can learn - in magical spheres! Because. How do you bring a character to life? And how can you best express your emotions? Get the best tips and tricks from a professional film and stage director and - with a little imagination - imagine yourself on a Hollywood film set.

Practical information
: Sunday, October 22, 2:00 p.m.
: €5
Duration: 120 minutes (incl. short break)
Foyer (the open space between room 4 and 5)

Supervision: Parents and supervisors may stay and watch, or can have a drink in our Restaurant Café during the workshop.

, 2023, 90 min. , Dutch subtitles.