A Parked Life

Intimate portrait of Petar, one of the many Eastern European truck drivers who live like nomads in Western Europe. He sees the cracks in Europe through his windscreen.

Please note that this film is in Bulgarian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Bulgarian driver Petar Doychev lives for months on end in the cab of his truck. He is one of the hundreds of thousands of Eastern European men who roam Western Europe’s highways. He is a young father, fighting for the bond with his kid. Completely estranged by life on the road, Petar gradually loses ties with his loved ones.

A PARKED LIFE is a majestic and hypnotic road movie that takes you to all corners of Europe and pushes you deep into the life of those living in the shadows of consumerism. It is also a burningly topical documentary about the difficult position in which Europe finds itself. A look at a continent with a dream of unification, but where xenophobia flourishes and solidarity is under pressure.

Peter Triest, Belgium, Netherlands, 2021, 76 min. Bulgarian spoken, Dutch subtitles.