Workshop Visual Language (6+)

How do you tell a good visual story? What are the essential elements of a film? Lumière LAB, Lumière's own visual language workshop, is in the process of creating a machine that allows children to puzzle with film and visual language themselves!

Time & Tickets

Test! Together with the inventor of Lumière's very own visual language machine, you get to experiment in his laboratory to see how visual language actually works. Our visual language professor is very curious about your findings so he can improve his machine even further! Join the visual language experiments and learn how to become a wizard with images!

Practical Information

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Location: Lumière LAB in the Annex
  • Guidance: Children participate in the workshop; parents can sit in the Annex during the workshop or enjoy a drink in our Restaurant Café.
, 2024, 45 min. , Dutch subtitles.