Béla Tarr’s digitally restored seven-and-a-half-hour magnum opus follows the inhabitants of a Hungarian village after the fall of communism.

Please note that this film is in Hungarian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Béla Tarr made his international breakthrough with this astonishing adaptation of the novel by László Krasznahorkai about the arrival of a false prophet in a small farming collective during the waning days of Communism. Divided into twelve distinct episodes, this seven-and-a-half-hour masterpiece weaves in and out of the lives of the locals as the silver-tongued Irimiás (played by Tarr’s long-time musical composer Mihály Vig) promises a bright future in a new promised land. This bleak yet mordantly funny study of domestic and social decay was ranked 36th on the most recent Sight & Sound critics’ poll of the greatest film ever made. (source: Lincoln Center)


10:00-12:20hrs - part 1
12:20-13:25hrs - break; our restaurant has a special lunch spot where you can order lunch from a limited menu with quick, delicious meals.
13:25-15:30hrs - part 2
15:30-16:00hrs - break
16:00-19:00hrs - part 3

Béla Tarr, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, 1994, 439 min. Hungarian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Mihály Vig, Putyi Horváth, László feLugossy, Éva Almássy Albert, János Derzsi.