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Cute and funny film about Parisian millennial Sophie's search for romance and a career as a comic book writer.
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When Sophie is hired by a famous publishing house in Paris, it's a big step towards her ultimate dream. Even though she hopes to see her own graphic illustrations printed one day, for now she has to make do with a job in the publicity department. However, life takes a different turn when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant. When her relationship breaks down and a career in publishing must make way for her old job as a waiter, she wonders: is life in Paris even bearable under these circumstances? Sophie, a role that seemingly fits Sara Forestier perfectly, reminds us of Greta Gerwig in FRANCES HA. They’re cool without knowing it themselves. This is made clear by, for example, the soundtrack of PLAYLIST, filled with nostalgic French chansons and misanthropic indie gems from the nineties. Both films charmingly raise the following question: who do I want to be in a society where I can – allegedly – be anyone I want? Until the answer is found, Sophie charmingly stumbles through life. (wg)
Nine Antico, France, 2021, 84 min. French spoken, English subtitles. With Laetitia Dosch, Sara Forestier.
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