Das Lehrerzimmer

Compelling German drama in which an (alleged?) theft at a high school results in a moral struggle that assumes thriller-like proportions. Winner of five Lolas (the German Oscars) and also the German Oscar entry.

Please note that this film is in German, Turkish, Polish and English, with Dutch subtitles.
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Also screening with English subtitles.

When a series of thefts occurs at a secondary school, the management takes drastic measures to find the culprit. Young, idealistic teacher Carla Nowak questions this tough approach and decides to look for the culprit herself. When she discovers who the alleged culprit is, she sets something in motion with far-reaching consequences, also for herself. She soon has to answer to angry parents and colleagues, and mediate between quarrelling pupils. How far is she willing to go for the truth?

The microcosm of a school as a metaphor for society is not new, but in his fourth feature film DAS LEHRERZIMMER, director İlker Çatak takes a creative approach to it. Actress Leonie Benesch delivers an impressive performance as Carla Nowak. (ek)

Ilker Çatak, Germany, 2023, 98 min. German, Turkish, Polish & English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Leonie Benesch, Leonard Stettnisch, Eva Löbau, Michael Klammer, Anne-Kathrin Gummich..