Botticelli: Inferno

This documentary revolves around a mystery hidden in Botticelli’s drawings of the map to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. But what’s the real story behind these unsettling illustrations?

Please note that this film is in German, with Dutch subtitles.
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BOTTICELLI: INFERNO is a fascinating investigation of the secrets behind Botticelli’s drawings, destined to show a surprising dark side of the renowned Renaissance artist, famous for peaceful and idyllic paintings such as THE BIRTH OF VENUS. Botticelli brought Dante’s descriptions to life in a series of 102 meticulous drawings. The centrepiece of these drawings is the MAP OF HELL: a kind of guide through hell with all its various levels. A fascinating, and at the same time cruel work on sinners and retribution, nightmares and punishment.

Ralph Loop, Germany, Italy, 2016, 96 min. German spoken, Dutch subtitles.