The Trial of Ratko Mladić - sold out

Just an unnervingly short time ago, Europe was shocked by appalling images of the concentration camps and mass graves in former Yugoslavia. The Bosnian War cost the lives of around 100,000 innocent people. In 2012, almost exactly 20 years after that bloody conflict started, the trial began of the Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladić at the Yugoslavia tribunal in The Hague. The crimes he was accused of included leading the siege of Sarajevo and murdering 7,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica.

NB: the introduction (25 min.) will be held in Dutch.
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Filmmakers Rob Miller and Henry Singer shed light on the war from two angles, by on the one hand speaking to the public prosecutors and visiting victims and witnesses, and on the other interviewing Mladić’s lawyers, supporters and family members, who consider him a patriotic hero. In addition to telling the stories of victims and witnesses, the film raises questions about the international tribunal itself—is it possible to achieve justice through a five-year trial if it won’t bring back the dead and the accused refuses to even acknowledge the verdict? Shocking, potent images in archive news footage remind us of the absurd and gratuitous cruelty meted out in this dirty war, whose battles are still not over.

Ferenc Laczó, assistant professor of History at Maastricht University, will give an introduction to the film. He teaches at European studies. In the introduction, Laczó examines the war in Yugoslavia in relation to contemporary nationalism that we see emerging in various places in Europe. There is room for questions from the audience.

19.00 Start
19.00-19.25 Introduction and Q&A
19.25-21.00 Film screening

Language: Dutch (introduction) and English (subtitles).

This programme in the context of Maastricht, Working on Europe, is made in cooperation with De Balie, producer of programmes about arts, culture and politics, and with DocFest, documentary and film festival in Maastricht.

Henry Singer, Rob Miller, 2018, 99 min. English & Bosnian spoken, English subtitles.