Mind My Mind

When you have Asperger’s and rely on social scripts, it is not easy to deviate from them. Especially if you are obsessed with German dive bombers and just want a date.

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This light-hearted animation film provides insight into how an autistic brain works – Chris’s brain, anyway. Chris is a man with Asperger syndrome. Together with Hans, a little guy who lives inside his head and prepares social scripts, he tries to camouflage his obsession with dive bombers. When zoologist Gwen invites Chris to meet her favourite chameleon, he quickly proceeds to a flirting script. But then the chameleon dies and Gwen needs Chris to go off script.

Mind My Mind + Q&A | Mon 17 Feb, 7:30 PM (Sold out)

During this special in cooperation with Studium Generale the film will be introduced (in Dutch) by Hannah Ebben on Monday 17 February. Hannah specializes in the representation of autism in our visual culture, film in particular. She investigates how autism is captured in metaphors and clichés and tries to contrast it with new concepts. In her introduction, she will show film clips and she will explain why we should portray autism as a lived experience and not as a cliché.

Hannah Ebben studied cultural sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and did her PhD research at the Autism Center, Faculty of Development and Society, Sheffield Hallam University.

Floor Adams, creator of MIND MY MIND and graduated animation director, will be interviewed via Skype.

7.30 PM Introduction + lecture Hannah Ebben (in Dutch)
8:00 PM Start movie: Mind My Mind
8.30 PM Q&A with Hannah Ebben and director Floor Adams via Skype (in Dutch)
9.15 PM End

Floor Adams, Netherlands, Belgium, 2019, 30 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles.