Hotel Mokum - English subtitled

Hotel Mokum combines staged scenes and documentary for a portrait of the collective that squatted the abandoned Hotel Marnix in the centre of Amsterdam in 2021.

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For six weeks, the collective transformed the hotel into a home, a self-proclaimed sanctuary. The accessibility and affordability of Amsterdam’s housing stock have been under high pressure for ages; as a result of gentrification, the city is becoming unaffordable for large groups of original Amsterdam residents. The story of HOTEL MOKUM is rooted in protest: both against the housing crisis and against the criminalisation of squatting in 2010, which led to the eviction of more than three hundred squatted premises in Amsterdam. Director Yannesh Meijman – himself a child of the city – combines documentary footage, archival material and reconstructed scenes to create a complex and intimate portrait of a hopeful collective trying to reclaim the city.

Yannesh Meijman, Netherlands, 2023, 30 min. Dutch spoken, English subtitles.