Amazing Grace

Moving registration of a brilliant performance by Aretha Franklin, a minister's daughter who returned to her roots at the height of her career: gospel music.

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Los Angeles, 1972. Franklin records her legendary album AMAZING GRACE in two days under the guidance of an inspired choir and in the presence of countless notable guests (including her father and Mick Jagger). Thank god these ecstatic sessions were recorded on film, although they have never seen the light of day due to technical problems. Director Sydney Pollack, who was in charge of the recordings, made a mistake that made the synchronization of the images and sounds impossible. Thanks to modern technology, this has recently been made possible.
The result is incredibly emotional: with her beautiful voice, Franklin reaches out to God, while the rest of the church follows crying and screaming. This musical prayer not only leads to goose bumps, but also ensures viewers that Aretha is indeed the best singer ever.

Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack, USA, 2019, 87 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Aretha Franklin, Reverand James Cleveland, Southern California Community Choir.