All You See - English subtitled

Insightful documentary about the experiences of four people new to the Netherlands. How long is a newcomer considered new?

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What if from one day to the next, you’re no longer seen, but instead are stared at? The protagonists in this multi-layered documentary have ended up in a new world. In their new lives in the Netherlands, they unintentionally provoke reactions on a daily basis. Even after many years, they still hear the same questions over and over again: where are you from, do you speak Dutch, do you tan in the sun?

In ALL YOU SEE, director Niki Padidar contemplates questions about what it means to belong, who gets excluded, and how outsider status is continually reaffirmed. This experience is all too familiar for Padidar, who left Iran when she was seven. In this documentary, she enters into painful as well as humorous conversations with three immigrants. There’s Khadija, originally from Somalia, who has been a ‘newcomer’ for 27 years, Sophia, who has just come over from the UK, and Hanna from Ukraine, who watches cartoons and films to learn how to blend in. This documentary is nominated for IDFA Award for Best Dutch Film and the IDFA Award for Best First Feature.

On February 7th, director Niki Padidar will be present for a Q&A.

Time schedule
19.15 - Doors open
19.30 - Start documentary
20.45 - Start Q&A
21.15 - End

Niki Padidar, Netherlands, 2022, 72 min. Dutch & English spoken, English subtitles.