Delicate and sensitive, but also witty portrait of life in a religious shelter for young single mothers in Buenos Aires.

Please note that this film is in Spanish and Italian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Lu and Fati are teen mums living in a religious shelter in Buenos Aires. Sister Paola arrives there to take her final vows. But the girls’ impending motherhood faces her with a challenging situation.

In a country where abortion is not yet legal, Delpero’s first fiction film deals with a significant social issue by starting from an emblematic setting where pregnant and often underage girls cohabit with women who will never be mothers. The director subtly plays on this underlying tension, building a narrative brought to life by the protagonists’ glances and silences. (source: Locarno Film Festival)

Maura Delpero, Italy, Argentina, 2019, 91 min. Spanish & Italian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Lidiya Liberman, Denise Carrizo, Agustina Malale, Isabella Cilia, Alan Rivas, Livia Fernán.
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