Historias para no contar

Ensemble comedy by Cesc Gay – often called the Spanish Woody Allen – about the hilarious, painful, and extremely awkward curveballs life sometimes throws us.

Please note that this film is in Spanish, with Dutch subtitles.
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Anthology films can be hit or miss in terms of tone and overall quality, but with his new offering, writer-director Cesc Gay manages to bring a lucid charm to each entry. HISTORIAS PARA NO CONTAR is a collection of five short chapters, featuring a fine cast of characters of different ages. Gay captures painfully relatable moments of vulnerability, encapsulating extreme awkwardness and insecurity. The familiarity of the cringey situations could almost make them amount to stereotypes, but the clever twists he introduces to the proceedings brings the whole set to a hilarious level.

From the insane dynamics of couples – whether those already established, about to come into being, or likely to end soon – to the big, big decisions we can take in the blink of an eye, to the raw honesty found in the not-so-white lies friends sometimes tell each other, the spotlight here is on situations we’d rather forget about, let alone make public. (source:

Cesc Gay, Spain, 2022, 100 min. Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Chino Darin, Anna Castillo, Javier Rey, Quim Gutierrez, Brays Efe..