Paolo Cognetti: Big North - English subtitled

The award-winning Italian author Paolo Cognetti embarks on a journey in the footsteps of those writers who helped influence and inspire his career as a storyteller.

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Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Henry David Thoreau, Raymond Carver, Alice Munro – these are the literary heroes of Italian writer Paolo Cognetti (THE EIGHT MOUNTAINS). Fuelled by their wanderlust and travel literature, Cognetti decides to take a long trip to British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska. The trip ends on the Stampede Trail in Alaska, where Chris McCandless, protagonist of classic INTO THE WILD, spent his last days. The journey offers Cognetti not only the most stunning views, but also encounters with lots of people that prefer a life in the wilderness to one among humans.

Dario Acocella, Italy, 2020, 83 min. Italian spoken, English subtitles.