Alma Viva

Heart-warming, magical-realist portrait of several generations of women in a traditional Portuguese family.

Please note that this film is in Portuguese and French, with Dutch subtitles.
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During a hot summer holiday in the mountainous northeast of Portugal, nine-year-old Salomé's grandmother dies under suspicious circumstances. After the matriarch’s death, family squabbles over the meagre inheritance begin to sour the atmosphere.

In this area, strong women used to be regularly accused of witchcraft and magical practices. Grandmother Avo too did not escape such suspicion. In the aftermath of her grandmother’s death, Salomé begins to realise that she too has a special gift. Because of her spiritual connection with her grandmother, she is able to contact her even after her death. Salomé tries to use her gift to bring her estranged family members back together and end the disagreements. (av)

Christèle Alves Meira, Portugal, France, Belgium, 2023, 88 min. Portuguese & French spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Lua Michel, Ana Padrão, Jacqueline Corado, Ester Catalão, Duarte Pina..