Aber Der Kirche Passiert Nichts + Q&A

For twenty-five years Peter Crins and Peter Hermans pursued their life’s work: a documentary about their hometown Leveroy during World War II.

Please note that this film is in Limburg dialect, with Dutch subtitles.
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ABER DER KIRCHE PASSIERT NICHTS documents life in a Catholic Limburg village during the occupation. Using archive material and eyewitness accounts, countless stories are told: the deportation of Leveroy residents to concentration camp Vught, the theft of church bells, the role of the resistance in the village, the billeting of German soldiers, the help offered to German deserters and the special role Father Crins played. The villagers tell of their fears and insecurities, guts and bravado, humanity, pain, loss and love. And about waiting for liberation. As the Allies advance, the Germans are driven out of Leveroy. ‘Der Kirche passiert nichts’ (Nothing will happen to the church), the Germans promise, but this documentary tells a different story.

Peter Crins & Peter Hermans, Netherlands, 2023, 140 min. Limburgish (local dialect) spoken, Dutch subtitles.