Tiempo Compartido - English subtitled

A young father takes his family to the perfect holiday resort, only to discover that they must share their room with another family due to a clerical error. And the other family is selfish and really annoying. And better at sports.

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Pedro and Eva arrive at the Vistamar mega-resort to ‘heal’ their lives. Settling into a private villa with their young son, they’re surprised to find another family at the door; a clerical mistake has left them double-booked. The families make do, attending the resort’s time-share seminar and enjoying its pools and activities, and they are catered to by the staff of ‘leisure experts,’ including Andres and Gloria, an estranged, middle-aged couple. As Pedro becomes paranoid that his family is being pried away from him, he and Andres band together to expose the sinister forces at work in the tropical paradise.
Propelled by a wry, subversive tone and an unnerving aesthetic, Sebastián Hofmann cleverly lures us into his dark imagination via the sunny Vistamar, where paradise is not only within reach: it’s on sale. TIEMPO COMPARTIDO offers a haunting vision of humanity, lounging by the pool as an insidious corporate organism callously dangles the false promise of happiness and healing. (source: Sundance Film Festival)

Sebastián Hofmann, Mexico, Netherlands, 2018, 96 min. Spanish & English spoken, English subtitles. With Luis Gerardo Méndez, Miguel Rodarte, RJ Mitte, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Montserrat Marañon.