Resurrection - English subtitled

A hermit who takes in a half-naked young man is faced with an agonising dilemma.

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An old hermit who isolated himself for years from civilisation finds a half-naked young man and takes him into his house. The young man refuses to speak but still a connection grows between them. When the police come to the door, the old man discovers that his guest killed someone. He is faced with a heart-breaking decision: what to do with the murderer in his house?
RESURRECTION is a sparse meditation on the nature of forgiveness and a reflection of the cruelty inherent in the modern world. Eschewing both excessive dialogue and melodrama, Hoornaert elegantly juxtaposes the simple beauty and sometimes indifference of the natural world, with the complex ethics of human behaviour and understanding.

Kristof Hoornaert, Belgium, 2017, 110 min. Dutch spoken, English subtitles. With Johan Leysen, Kris Cuppens, Gilles de Schryver, Thomas Ryckewaert.