Liefde In Procedure + How Do You Spell Home

Special compilation programme as part of World Refugee Day with two documentaries on refugees in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Please note that these films are in various foreign languages, with Dutch subtitles.
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The films:

Love In Procedure
Laura Huygen & Moos Pozzo, Netherlands 2024, 22 min., English, Dutch, Mandinka spoken, Dutch subtitles.
Documentary about the relationship of Gambian asylum seeker Fams Fofana and his Dutch girlfriend Kelly Palmen. They met at the asylum seekers' centre AZC Heerlen, where Fams was awaiting his asylum application and Kelly was working as a volunteer. This asylum procedure brings a lot of challenges. How do Kelly and Fams cope with the uncertainty and endless waiting that comes with such a procedure? How will it affect their relationship? And what will be the impact of the outcome of the procedure? Does their love also know limits?

How Do You Spell Home
Louisiana Mees-Fongang, Belgium 2023, 86 min., Tigrigna, Urdu, Dutch spoken, Dutch subtitles.
Juneco is a centre for unaccompanied minor refugees in the Flanders region of Belgium, home to young people from countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Eritrea. They stay there until they turn eighteen, when those who have been granted asylum in Belgium can look for a home of their own. Those whose applications have been rejected face an uncertain future in a country where they are no longer welcome.

Filmmaker Louisiana Mees-Fongang spent months in the small-scale home, where there is a fragile balance between the residents, who have already been through so much, and the dedicated staff. She captures the young people’s life stories. Juneco appears to be a complex in-between phase for these teenagers. On the one hand, the home is full of hope and warmth; on the other, there are uncertainties and fears about the future. Still lifes of roses in the garden provide visual moments of tranquillity in this infectious and hopeful, but also distressing film about finding a home. (source:

Laura Huygen & Moos Pozzo Louisiana Mees-Fongang, Belgium, Netherlands, 2024, 108 min. English, Dutch & Urdu spoken, Dutch subtitles.