Die Wannsee Konferenz

Historical drama about the meeting that took place on 20 January 1942 on the banks of the Wannsee in Berlin; a meeting that led to the Holocaust.

Please note that this film is in German, with Dutch subtitles.
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On the morning of 20 January 1942, in a villa on the lakefront of the Wannsee in Berlin, leading members of the Nazi regime come together. They have been invited by Reinhard Heydrich to a meeting followed by breakfast. The sole topic on the agenda that morning is what the Nazis call the Final Solution to the Jewish Question: the organization of the systematic mass murder of millions of Jews across Europe. But no explicit reference whatsoever is made to this grim reality.

This historically accurate, haunting drama follows the protocol of this secret meeting as actually recorded by Adolf Eichmann – a key document pertaining to the Holocaust. The film was shot at the original location at Wannsee Lake in Berlin and produced for the 80th commemoration day of the conference in 2022. A chilling film about the greatest crime against humanity in modern history. And a warning against the dangers of cold-blooded totalitarian regimes.

Matti Geschonneck, Germany, 2021, 108 min. German spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Fabian Busch, Jakob Diehl, Philip Hochmair, Godehard Giese, Maxmillian Brückner, Matthias Bunschuh.