Deep Look – A Global Peace Of Mind

Deep Look – A Global Peace Of Mind takes you on a journey of compassion and inner peace with a sequence of ultra slow motion portraits of people from all over the world.

Time & Tickets

The screening of Sunday June 3 at 12:00hrs can be combined with breakfast. Click here for more info about Sunday's Film Breakfast and reservations.

Dutch-Kurdish artist and filmmaker Veysi Yildirim was born with congenital hearing loss and spent the first four years of his life not speaking. His condition triggered missing out on linguistic feeling and yet it was compensated by Yildirim enjoying what he calls ‘a greater visual acuity’. From the moment he started wearing hearing aids, he became fascinated by the effect of sound on body and spirit.
Living in opposite worlds (West, East; deaf, hearing; Islamic, Christian, secular), Yildirim has developed a particular view on reality. Films are his medium to reach out to people and have them experience – through cinematographic means – inner rest and contemplation. 

Veysi Yildirim, Netherlands, 2017, 80 min. , without subtitles.