De Zandmuze

Colette Dedyn and Raphaël De Cock combine music and sand art to create an enchanting, fairy-tale like performance for young and old.

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Legends, fairy tales and nature are at the basis of the beautiful cooperation between multi-instrumentalist Raphaël De Cock and sand artist Colette Dedyn (who reached the finals of Belgium’s Got Talent with her sand art). Together they present several musical stories and legends in DE ZANDMUZE. De Cock plays many unique instruments from across the globe (including the zither, chadagan and shruti box) and masters various international overtone and throat singing styles. While De Cock provides the music, Colette Dedyn conjures up the most beautiful mythical creatures, landscapes and faces on an illuminated glass plate using a special type of sand.

Colette Dedyn & Raphaël De Cock, 2022, without subtitles.