De ApenPrins

Adventurous animation film about an island where one day a monkey prince washes ashore. The islanders have to face that they are not the only inhabitants on earth.

Please note that this film is in French, with Dutch subtitles
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Jean-François Laguionie is a world-renowned master of French animation whose major works are all characterised by an air or style that is difficult to pinpoint – at some moments they strongly resemble fairy tales, at others they're more like science-fiction epics. He gives us something quite rare: adult animations that children and youngsters can thoroughly enjoy as well.

LE CHÂTEAU DES SINGES (1999), an allegory about distrust and division set in a monkey kingdom, is one of Laguionie’s most widely beloved works. In DE APENPRINS, he now returns tacitly to that world, without aiming to create a sequel to the earlier film’s narrative thread. This time the tale among monkeys is focused on xenophobia – a most pressing subject, developed with gentleness of heart and rare visual grandeur. (source:

Jean-François Laguionie, France, Luxembourg, 2019, 77 min. French spoken, Dutch subtitles.