Paul van Kessel & Charly Zastrau | For The Love Of Music

Let yourself be enchanted by the warm, captivating voice of jazz singer Paul van Kessel. On Tuesday, March 8, he will play live with pianist Charly Zastrau in our restaurant, which we are transforming into an intimate jazz club for the occasion.

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Paul van Kessel is one of the few male jazz singers in the Netherlands. His unparalleled sense of timing, his warm timbre and his sincere, unsophisticated interpretation make him a unique, much sought-after singer.

In addition to his own permanent bands, Van Kessel has performed with the Metropole Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, among others. His album "Keep your soul together" and his latest song releases, including "Where's my home", are pearls in the Soul-Jazz of Dutch soil, in which van Kessel exclusively presents his own work as an excellent songwriter.

Charly Zastrau is a much sought-after pianist and arranger at home and abroad. Appreciated as a “pur sang accompanist” (Culture Stage), Zastrau has accompanied from Mathilde to Nina Hagen, New York icon Joey Arias to opera singer Claron Mcfadden. As an arranger he writes for many ensembles and occasions, including a.o. Yentl and de Boer, the South Netherlands Philharmonic and Dorona Alberti. The Metropole Orchestra has adapted several of its arrangements. De Volkskrant said Zastrau is a “phenomenal pianist”.

In 2001 Paul van Kessel's and Charly Zastrau's paths crossed for the first time. In “For the love of music” they reunite. With a mixed program of favorite songs and their own work, they celebrate what originally connected them and has always been the driving force: the love for music.