Ich Bin Dein Mensch

Witty tragicomedy about the sceptical scientist Alma who moves in with Tom, a real-life robot designed to meet all her needs.

Please note that this film is in German, with Dutch subtitles.
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The single Alma works as a scientist at the prominent Pergamon Museum in Berlin. In order to qualify for an extra research budget, she is persuaded to participate in a special study. She has to live with a lifelike robot for three weeks, which is completely attuned to her personal needs and character. And so Alma meets Tom, the mechanical equivalent of her ideal life partner, who will go to extremes to make her happy. However, Alma is not so easy to please and struggles to let the devoted robot and all his good intentions into her life.

Unlike many films about artificial intelligence, ICH BIN DEIN MENSCH is not a sci-fi film about a robot that takes over the power of humans. ICH BIN DEIN MENSCH begins as a witty romantic comedy, but as the film progresses, shines light on life's philosophical questions about happiness and relationships. To what extent can science influence our happiness and human interaction?

Earlier this year, lead actress Maren Eggert received the best leading performance award at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. ICH BIN DEIN MENSCH is also the German entry for the Oscars of 2022.

Maria Schrader, Germany, 2021, 102 min. German spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Dan Stevens, Maren Eggert, Sandra Hüller.