Locally produced, historical film about two court officials who must track down a notorious Buckriders gang on the eve of the French Revolution.

Please note that this film is in the local dialect of the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg, with Dutch subtitles.
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1789. The Limburgish-Belgian town Maeseyck is the site of multiple raids by the buckriders, a notorious gang of thieves who are said to fly through the air on the back of flying goats. In a society in turmoil due to the plague and famine, two lawmen try to unravel the mystery of the buckriders. In their quest, they face corruption, betrayal and the devil.

Most Limburgish people grew up with the stories of the buckriders. In the eighteenth century, seven buckriders gangs frightened the region of Belgian and Dutch Limburg. The law enforcements officers reacted excessively, executing lots of innocent people. Maaseik director and researcher Rocky Grispen did thorough research on the buckriders and discovered the existence of a system of corridors running under the town square of his hometown Maaseik. The feature film ZONDEBOKKEN is the latest result of his long-term research.

Rocky Grispen, Netherlands, Belgium, 2023, 92 min. Dutch spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Ruben Ruette, Ilona Dings, Mitchell Spruyt, Hugo Weerens.