Thelma & Louise

Classic, funny, and heart-breaking road movie about two friends who murder a rapist during a weekend trip. The police and FBI are soon after them.

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Feminist themes are central in THELMA & LOUISE. Geena Davis plays Thelma, a frustrated housewife from Arkansas. Together with her older friend, the waitress Louise – played by Susan Sarandon – she plans a weekend getaway from the men in their lives. Both are stuck in loveless relationships. In a bright red Thunderbird, they hit the American highways in search of a diversion. During a stopover at a roadside bar, things go wrong: a pushy guy tries to rape Thelma in the car park; Louise shoots the man. The women flee, soon pursued by police and FBI. On the run, Thelma and Louise must make a crucial choice: do they surrender or throw off the shackles of their old lives?

For director Ridley Scott, THELMA & LOUISE (1991) was his first major commercial success since ALIEN (1979). The screenplay by Callie Khouri won an Oscar. Brad Pitt had his Hollywood breakthrough thanks to his supporting role in the film.

From 23 November, Lumière will also screen NAPOLEON, Ridley Scott's new film.

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Ridley Scott, USA, 1991, 130 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald.