Lumière Jazz Nights: Cununao

The Colombian trumpeter Gustavo Andres Jaramillo brings his band Cununao for an evening of rhythmic jazz, drawing inspiration from the traditional music of the Pacific coast.

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Gustavo Andres Jaramillo, a graduate of the Maastricht Conservatory, showcases his band Cununao, transported from the Pacific region. Fronted by bandleader Giovanni Caldas, a pianist with roots in both jazz and Europe, seamlessly blends his musical background with Colombian heritage. The incorporation of traditional instruments such as Bombos and Cununos within a jazz context opens doors to an entirely new sonic experience – a refreshing perspective on jazz, inspired by the rich folk music of the Pacific coast.

Trompet - Gustavo Andres Jaramillo
Cununos - Larry Ararat
Contrabas - Evaa Serrano
Bombo - Juan Carrechea
Piano - Giovanni Caldas

Cununao, 90 min. , without subtitles.